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"Life comes through
the food."

The Qspice Story

I'm a foodie entrepreneur at heart who values the role of food in overall wellbeing.  My work of creating tasty, health-giving food for others is extremely rewarding so when I was afflicted with debilitating allergies a couple of decades ago, dialing in my own food plan wasn't a stretch.  I knew food would have to go hand in hand with medicine but wasn't about to sacrifice delectables eats.  Enter Qspice.

For 35 years I have been making my signature salad dressing so my family could "eat their vegetables" and like them too.  When my husband suggested I bring my vinaigrette to market, I was unwilling to include in my recipe the requisite additives to retail it.  It soon occurred to me, however, that I could sell my spice blend and customers could add oil and vinegar to make their own vinaigrette at home plus have a go to seasoning all-in-one!   And so it goes, Qspice was conceived. 
It wasn't long before I retreated to an ashram in India to learn the subtleties of cooking scrumptious plant food.  I exchanged my work for the knowledge of people who are innately spice alchemists.   I knew the what and the how of layering spice but it was there that I extrapolated the why to apply to my blend.  I then began gathering herbs and spices from around the world to achieve a single, dynamic universal seasoning.

After my return home, I refined the Qspice formula and dolled it out to whoever would partake and report back.  Although my goal was to get people eating more vegetables by making them delicious cooked or raw, it was quickly apparent that in fact, Qspice makes everything taste better! 

There's nothing more satisfying to me than sharing Qspice to inspire real people to cook real food, real simple, real good.  When we eat well, we feel good and live more.


AFTERWARD - These days  I'm using food as medicine in hopes of eliminating one final drug for chronic eczema.  I'm grateful  that the work I cherish is the very stuff  to take care of myself.  I get to do what I need!

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