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Green Goodness

"Food brings people together. Qspice brings food together."

Qspice is a blend of herbs and spices from around the world.  Its various notes get released according to the ingredients it is paired with!

The Quintessential Seasoning
"Cooking is my passion"
Cooking is my passion. I learnt early on that I had a knack for turning the humblest of ingredients into a feast. 
I’m a hopeless foodie who lives to eat and is convinced that life comes through food.  I'm always up for the challenge of making good food taste good.

Global travel inspired me to combine art with science and conceive a single dynamic seasoning with universal savour.  Qspice is a refined blend of earthy elements and fragrant herbs harmonized by a subtle tangy-sweet undertone.

Qspice is formulated with the five basic flavours – sweet, salty, sour, bitter and umami – for the perfect taste experience on all foods. Meat, fish, vegetables, grains, soups, sauces or salads, it doesn’t matter…


Qspice takes the guesswork out of seasoning food. Whether you’re a cook or just need a go-to seasoning, one spice fits all!​

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The Cookery 

I am pleased to share hundreds of my very own gluten, processed sugar, and dairy free recipes with you.  Click here to enjoy!

Private Events

Qspice offers cooking classes and team building cookeries.

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