Updated: Jun 14, 2020

Canada’s new Food Guide

Food is everything we are and the new Canada’s Food Guide is a giant step forward that meets the nutrient needs and diet choices of most Canadians. The 2019 version is based on scientific evidence and public consultations with no input from the food industry.

The suggested plate for healthy eating focuses 50% on vegetables and fruits, 25% on protein and 25% whole grains. If these proportions of categories of foods are different than your current diet, you are likely daunted by the proposition of consuming more vegetables and less animal protein.

According to consumer research, the biggest barriers to narrowing the vegetable gap include spoilage, availability, convenience, and time. Do not underestimate the value of frozen vegetables when fresh are not an option; they address all these issues.

In the case of fresh vegetables, look to the universal food culture that influences what foods people eat regularly. Put meat and potato style meals on the back burner and give way to more stir frys, meal salads and stoups (soup/stew). Visit our Cookery for this genre of tasty meal ideas.

Two key tips to successfully boost vegetable intake is to make a habit of washing and cutting up fresh vegetables before storing them in the refrigerator and cooking in batches.

“Hear, hear!” to the new Canada’s Food Guide for starting a refreshing dinner conversation with meaningful exchanges around our tables. Get the full scoop here.


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